Floor graphic marker - Safety Helmets

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Markers Floor graphic marker - Safety Helmets

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This is the floor graphic marker for clear labelling of a safety helmet must be worn area, designed for warehouses, factories or work places.

The marker graphic is has a yellow ;high visible background colour with 'ATTENTION, SAFETY HELMETS MUST BE WORN' in black and white font.

  • Aggressive permanent adhesive
  • Slip resistant
  • Each Sign 430mm Diameter


  • Height: N/Amm
  • Width (left-right): N/Amm
  • Type: Self Adhesive Marker

Product information

Our selection of industrial floor graphics and markers which are ideal for use in warehouses and factories where forklift trucks or heavy machinery is being used. 

These highly visible warehouse markers can quickly, clearly and easily inform workers of any potential hazards or safety requirements before they enter a certain area.  All markers are suitable for use on dry clean, flat sealed surfaces. This markers are be used on walls, floors, or anywhere a tough permanent sign is required.

More information about Floor graphic marker - Safety Helmets

Clear high visibility instruction floor marker that will withstand warehouse traffic.Each floor graphic markers are printed onto the underside of a clear PVC film, then laminated on the back surface with an aggresive permanent adhesive. 

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