Action Storage was formed in April 1986 to supply new & used storage equipment - initially focussing on warehouses & stockrooms.  Our main products were shelving, pallet racking & mezzanine floors.  Our 5 person team were located at Mount Farm (Milton Keynes) in a small warehouse and office building of around 350 sq M.

In 1992 we began to actively market a line of lockers; we had been supplying lockers to our existing customers on an adhoc basis, but now began to focus on this as a main product line.

August 1995 saw us partner with Metalsistem (Italy) and become a leading distributor and installer for their innovative & economical range of hand loaded adjustable shelving.

In 1996 we joined the internet revolution and launched our first website.

In April 1997 we doubled our space at Mount Farm in order to increase our stock holdings - mostly due to the high demand for our Supershelf range.

Over the next few years our business continued to grow and we expanded our product range to complete our offering - aiming to be a "one stop shop" for stockroom, warehouse, distribution & cloakroom equipment.

August 2004 saw us move into new custom built premises at Wolverton Mill (Milton Keynes) - 1200 sq Metres of shiny new facilities including offices, meeting room and warehouse with ample parking.

May 2006  gave birth to eXtreme Plastic Lockers - our first 'own' brand.  Based on our experience supplying schools & industry, eXtreme was designed to shake up the locker market being both affordable and super tough.  Even now it has no true competitors.

September 2007, with our eXtreme Plastic Lockers being very well received by our customers we began to enter into a number of trade agreements with locker resellers in an attempt to increase market penetration.  Distributors now account for 60% of our locker sales.

In February 2009 the UK was in recession and we began looking for economy locker to cater for our cash strapped clients.  The end result was our Atlas Steel Locker which we began to have manufactured in China.  Although very affordable, the Atlas locker was designed by our in house experts and has a host of unique features which aren't found on main brand lockers.  Atlas is now one of the leading brands of steel lockers available in the UK.

May 2009, we utilised the Launchpad scheme in Shanghai to employ our own representative in China - we were becoming too busy to resolve problems and QA issues and needed a man on the ground.

May 2012, we began to manufacture eXtreme Plastic Lockers in China using a new injection moulding technique.  The change in manufacturing technique - from rotational moulding to injection moulding, has enabled us to overcome a few short comings with the design that were impossible with RM manufacturing and increase our production capabilities by over 300%.

April 2014 saw the formation of Shanghai Mammoth as a wholly owned Chinese (PRC) subsidiary.  Our sister company is still in its infancy but is going strong and beginning to make inroads into the huge Chinese market.